The Atonement child| Review

Pro-abortionism or anti-abortionism? Before you make a choice you might need to read this book, a Christian fictional story on the controversial moral issue of abortion.

Rivers goal I assume was to convince the readers about the ills of abortion even though its legal in the country where she resides this was definitely achieved. I commend the approach she used, she focused her story on the mother, with compassion she expressed the anguish of a mother over losing a child ( even if it’s a foetus), the guilt, trauma and endless what if and regrets.

Have you been in a situation where everything just go wrong in sequence without control? Dynah happened to hold the championship of all that could go wrong (did you see what I did there?). The injustice of rape, the stigma of unwanted pregnancy, the betrayal of friends and the lack of empathy from loved ones. If you want to know how Dynah survived get a copy of this book.

This book was an eye opener to the consequences of doing things for the convenience of now without regard for the long time inconvenience(s). A lot of unreslove issues from the the past haunted the present and future. It was an emotional read for me (get your handkerchief or tissue paper ready if you’re very emotional too).

My favorite character in this book was Joe he was all you could ever want in a friend, he was supportive, non judgemental, understanding the list could go on… he deserves the best friend awards!!. The relationship didnt end as just friends though.

I hope you enjoy it as well as I did too!!

Book Information
Author- Francine Rivers
Year of Publication- 1997
Publishers- Tyndale House Publishers
Genre -Christain Novel (fictional)

Would I recommend this book? Yes!! If you don’t mind a long and emotional read (375 pages).

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Adénìké the review

This is my first book review and I’m exicted to start this journey with you and also share my thoughts. Ladies and gentle men shall we begin?

Memoirs/autobiogaphies are my favorite genres of books, I love them!!. I get unadulterated access to the life of authors their experiences, struggles and wins. First glance of this book I was attracted, it was love at first sight and I tell you I wasn’t disappointed.

It all started with a fall.This is a story of a young woman who fell but didn’t remain down she cried, struggled with her pains, loss, and made a decision to not remain defeated but rather stand tall like a champion. In this book Adenike took us through her journey; the days before the fall, during the fall and after the fall. Want to know more about the fall? Get a copy of this book.

The beautiful Adenike Oyetunde.

This is a memoir of a young lady who at age 20 got the most life altering diagnosis which would change the trajectory of her life.

Reading Adenike’s book on her struggles, challenges, victories,eureka moments did something to me, it made me realize the importance of supportive families and good friends (she couldn’t have survived it without their support), and most importantly the uncertainty of life it can overturn at any point without prior notice. Her faith is phenomenal in this story she proved beyond doubt that there’s a God!!

Adenike did a great job on this book, she took us through her journey with the utmost vulnerability, honesty and sincerity, every scene was keenly described. I felt like I was with her during her birthday in UCH Ibadan Nigeria, I traveled to Houston for her first prosthetic limbs. Effortlessly she narrates the ordeal of going from hero to zero and back to hero, she is still on the journey. Her story gives hope, assurance that “the darkest hour is just before dawn”.

It’s not a problem if you fall, what’s next after the fall?

Book Information Author Adenike Oyetunde Genre Non-Fiction (Memoir) Year of Publication 2018

Would I recommend this book? Yes!! Read through Adenike’s journey.

How would I rate this book? 5 ☆☆☆☆

I would love to read your thoughts below!!

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